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Grow the Good: Applying Wise Diligence to Incline our Minds towards Wellbeing and Resilience

The Buddha offered 4 ways to practice Wise Diligence, which is one of the aspects of the Eightfold Path. These are:

  • Wake up wholesome mind states when they are not arising in the mind

  • Keep wholesome mind states alive in the mind once they've already arisen

  • Avoid waking up unwholesome states of mind when they haven't yet arisen in the mind

  • Be present for unwholesome mind states as soon as they arise in the mind, so that they don't cause avoidable suffering

Neuroscience research has also discovered how mindfulness can change our brain and incline our minds toward greater happiness and ease. We will explore concrete practices to reduce the negativity bias so that we can grow our capacity for joy and wellbeing, not only as individuals but also as a collective. These practices are also essential in helping us to maintain our balance and resilience in social justice work and resisting oppressions.

This talk is offered through the Weekly Dharma Gathering. I will offer a guided meditation, a talk, and then Questions and Answers.

Cost is $10 or $25 a month.

Dharma talks by new and leading meditation and Buddhist teachers. Every Wednesday at 7pm ET. Live & Recorded.