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Math and Mindfulness for Life! Summer Camp, ages 11-13 (Washington, DC)

Summer Camp for kids ages 11-13, priority given to kids of color. Monday-Friday from 9-1pm. Held at the Emergence Community Arts Collective in DC. There is space for a maximum of 15 students, so please apply early. ***Option to join a capoeira camp from 1-5pm each day in the same location. See below for more info.

Instructors: Kaira Jewel Lingo and James Gaines, Jr., Math teacher, tutor and specialist. 

This camp will be a fun and challenging exploration of how math and mindfulness can help us be healthier, happier and more aware of the world we live in. Students will:

·      Improve general math skills and reduce math anxiety

·      Learn to use math in daily life to improve nutrition and grow confidence in handling finances

·      Learn mindfulness, including mindful breathing, mindful walking, mindful movements, and mindful eating, to increase joy, concentration and calm and decrease stress, anxiety and anger

·      Learn to enjoy more the little things in life, cultivating happiness inside rather than only waiting for it to come from outside.

·      Learn the art of taking a pause, to reflect, breathe, relax, and re-center

·      Develop inner peace and learn how they can contribute to peace in their communities. 

·      Learn to combine math and mindfulness to explore peace building and how to de-escalate conflict, through studying the numbers of war and peace, and learning and practicing conflict resolution and caring for our relationships.

Students will also make individual or group presentations on the last day of camp on some topic related to math, mindfulness, and peace. We will play cooperative games and emphasize developing friendships and strong group cohesion, while also making time for journaling and individual reflection.

This week is for kids of all math abilities—those who like math and want more of a challenge and those who struggle with it and want more support. Students will take a math assessment upon registering to help us better fit the program to their math goals. No previous experience with mindfulness is required.

Students are asked to bring a picnic lunch each day. We will eat in mindfulness together.

With Mr. Gaines' long-time experience as a math teacher and coach and with Ms. Lingo's skilled guidance in joyful awareness and deepening concentration, students will find this camp a relaxing and refreshing learning experience that is relevant to their daily lives.

This camp is sponsored by the Mindful Peace Building Institute, and we can therefore offer a sliding scale from $35-$70 per student. By offering at the highest level you can afford, you help those with more financial need to attend. Please make checks out to Mindful Peace Building.

To reserve your spot and register, contact or call 240-203-7170. Then please fill out the registration form and liability waiver and mail them with your check by July 11 to:

Math and Mindfulness Summer Camp

James Gaines, Jr.

13018 Salford Terrace, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Please make checks out to Mindful Peace Building. We will confirm your participation when we have received your check.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel before July 1st, we will refund half of your contribution. No refund if you cancel after July 1st.

***If you would like to enroll in the separate Capoeira Camp from 1-5pm Monday through Friday, July 18-22, in the same space, please contact Fabio Melo at: or 202-210-1713. There is a separate cost and registration process for this camp. A minimum of 5 children is required to run the camp.